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Bullet proof Vest for female TWARON NIJ Level IIIA

Bullet proof Vest for female TWARON NIJ Level IIIA
Bullet proof Vest for female TWARON NIJ Level IIIA
Bullet proof Vest for female TWARON NIJ Level IIIA
Bullet proof Vest for female TWARON NIJ Level IIIA
Bullet proof Vest for female TWARON NIJ Level IIIA

Bullet proof Vest for female TWARON NIJ Level IIIA
Bulletproof & Stabproof Vest tested with knives - YouTube. Video will open in a new window.

Elite Armor GR bulletproof vest for women is developed to be worn anonymously, and fits perfectly under clothes. The vest is designed with a cup shaped front in Kevlar flex, which provides optimal protection without being inconvenient around the bosom.

The vest provides a degree of protection that is ideal for police, military and guards. It is a very flexible and discreet vest, made out of 100% Kevlar flex. Para-armide fiber has also been used to make the vest, which is 5 times stronger than steel yet still very comfortable and flexible. Elite-Armor's bulletproof vests are developed with the utmost regard for optimal movability and protection. This task is done with the highest convictions by using para-armide fibres.

This makes our GR model one of the best bulletproof vests for women. The amount of layers determine the degree of protection, which is classified by the US National Institute of Justice, NIJ standard-0101.06. Degree of protection and information. NIJ Standard-0101.06 & Stab level 1 0115.00. Ballistic material: Kevlarflex - Para-armide.

Number of layers: 40 stitched togethe. Surface material: Hard wearing cotton / Nylon. Ventilation in the vest for maximal breathability. Sizes: S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL / XXXXL. Weight: 1,9 - 2,4 kg.

Bulletproof Vest Tested with 357 Magnum 1233 FPS 158 g FMJ 1 - YouTube. All solutions comply with NIJ standard 0101.06 Level IIIA certification. You can contact one of our professional advisers by messaging us, to find the solution that best suits your needs. NIJ level IIIA protection from firearms means that it stops a high-speed projectile from. 40 S&W (Smith & Wesson). Overview of the projectiles our bulletproof vest can handle.

The unique composition of fibers will distribute the energy in the vest, so that the vital organs take minimal damage. The size guide below is made out of approx. Measurements obtained from our customers since 2009. Our desire was to produce a bulletproof vest that matched the needs of the danish security industry. With a profound knowledge of the military, the police and the security industry, obtained through the provision of security solutions in an already ongoing business, we had all preconditions in place in order to begin the development of our first bulletproof vest.

The first six months were used to decide upon which materials we wanted to use for our vests. As soon as our first samples were developed and adapted to our specific needs, we began testing them. When all results met the requirements, we were able to produce and sell our first bulletproof vest in 2010 from Elite-Armor. We received continuous feedback from our business partners, which we used to adjust and further develop our vests.

We worked with different types of fiber and different methods of treating them depending on the results we wanted. This led us to our first two designs; RX1 and RX2. In 2011, we went from having only two bulletproof and stab proof vest designs, to having five. Com's desire for a design line was now founded.

An important element for us has always been to match the user's needs. This means that all of our vests are designed based on feedback from our Danish users, which we consider our costumers' security for optimal comfort and safety. But the development of Elite-Armor.

Com's vests doesn't stop here! In 2013, our vests were upgraded with a thin layer of comfort foam.

This thin layer makes our vests extremely soft and comfortable to wear. We are constantly working on developing our products to continue to meet our users' needs and desires.

Therefore, we are open to feedback from all of our customers. Our vests are deliberately not available in shops, as we believe it to be an important factor that we know precisely what our customers get.

By having direct contact with our customers, we insure that nobody gets a vest that are more than 3 months old. We have a dream about providing bulletproof and stab proof vests, simply because we think it's fun. Since we don't have any intermediaries between us and when the user gets his/her product, we are able to offer quality vests at the best prices. Sign up today for our official newsletter & get up to date with our new arrivals and also get our sneak peaks, tips and exclusive offers.

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Bullet proof Vest for female TWARON NIJ Level IIIA